Other People's Mascot Photos, Part 3

Tim has mascot gigs with a number of Richmond teams, including this one as Speedy of the Richmond Speed, and thus he takes exception to Jamie's claim to be king of mascots in Richmond. I'm trying to arrange an in-costume steel cage match to settle this dispute. Stay tuned.
Deb and Kim avoid getting pummeled by the Swinging Friar of the San Diego Padres.
John sent his picture with Hook of the Mississippi Sea Wolves.
Normally this site is restricted to sports mascots only, but I'm making an exception this one time. You the man, Captain SaveRite!
Cozmo is the new mascot for the LA Galaxy, posing here with TV big shot Drew Carey. Thanks to Jimmy for the pic.
Rob and Chris with Wally the Green Monster. I think they're in that Boston place. They might have a baseball team there.
John noticed that I own a Manitoba Moose jersey, but no picture with the moose itself (mainly because Manitoba is kind of far from Virginia). So he obliged with his own.
Screwball of the Salinas Valley Packers now owes me free tickets if I'm ever out that way.
Marlon says his wife's picture with Cylo didn't turn out, so he sent a picture of Cylo with an old Amish farmer instead.
Emily (you know, from high school) sent this picture of her daughter Katie with Tux from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins.

Do you have a picture of yourself with a sports mascot? E-mail it to me as a JPG or GIF file and I'll put it on this page.