Other People's Mascot Photos

When I got the Bird photo, my friend Bruce had to have a picture of his own.
I have no idea who the girl with the balloon on her head is, but I know everyone else in this photo.
This is my friend Gary, who lived in Pittsfield at the time.
My good friend and fellow Pennsylvanian Jeff gets into the act in Hershey.
Slapshot got a little fresh with Kristin; I 'bout had to knock him out.
Chris Lee, who says he spent nine years in a mascot suit for the Atlanta Braves, sent me this picture of himself with the Braves' Homer.
Bob Davidson sent me this picture of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes' Tremor. Even though Bob isn't in the picture, I like it, so here it is.
Evan Davis sent his picture with Conrad Cougar, from the now-defunct Gold Coast Cougars of the Australian Baseball League.
This is my friend Rich who lives in Altanta. The "Hodge" T-shirt is for the same guy who was having a birthday in the earlier Atlanta photo. Long story.
This here is Mr. D, with Heater of the (apparently defunct) Chico Heat. Mr. D claims Heater is the best mascot in all of baseball, but I know several furry characters who would dispute that.
Captain Ron (right) sails McCovey Cove outside Pac Bell Park with Lou Seal and a guy named Steve.

Here's some mascot photos on another site, by Homer Fink.
Jimmy Chin's collection rivals mine in size in scope; it's a must-see for mascot fans.
PK Lizard, aka Kelly, has a whole mess of mascot pictures on her site.

Do you have a picture of yourself with a sports mascot? E-mail it to me as a JPG or GIF file and I'll put it on this page.