The Chain Letter Story

Hopefully you've already read the communal story "The Demon Tim," in which three BWG members passed around a story, each adding several paragraphs before passing it along. Furthering this idea, what if someone started a story, then passed it along to two friends, who added to it, and each passed it along to two of their friends (no shampoo commercial jokes please), and so on until multiple versions of the story emerged? What the hell, we'll give it a shot. And since it kind of takes the form of a chain letter, I figured I'd make it about one of those annoying e-mail chain letters... maybe one that REALLY DOES bring woe or joy to the sender.

If you're lucky, someone has already sent or will send you the story, partially completed. If so, here's what you do with it:

If you'd like to start a new thread for the story, download the document containing the rules and the first installment here. It's a Microsoft Word 6.0/95 document. The document as it already exists, all stories received, and all works in progress, are subject to the disclaimer on the front page of this site.

Thanks for playing, and enjoy!

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