Carl's Mascot Photos

The Junior Circuit

The Bird, Baltimore Orioles, May 1997.
This picture was totally spur-of-the-moment. The Bird was passing by our section; I jumped up and shouted, "Must get picture with Bird! NOW!" When I got it back, I realized I now had TWO pictures of myself with sports mascots. Hmmmm... sounds like the makings of a hobby...
Sluggerrr, Kansas City Royals, August 1998.
Yes, 3 R's. Kind of a disappointment; for a crowd of 35K (they were giving away T-shirts), he only made two appearances the entire game. What's more, Mr. Burly Security Guard (center) kept anyone from getting in his way or otherwise stopping him, hence the confused nature of the shot.
The Moose, Seattle Mariners, August 1999.
That moose, such a kidder.
Stomper, Oakland Athletics, September 1999.
For some reason, I thought his name was Peanut. Not sure where I came up with that.
A's fans are great, there just aren't enough of them at the ballpark. Let's hope that changes.
Paws, Detroit Tigers, September 1999.
Taken during the final weekend at Tiger Stadium.
Diamond, Toronto Blue Jays, May 2002.
I also have a picture with Diamond's male counterpart, Ace, but my eyes are closed and I'm holding a beer, so I look like I'm really drunk. What happened to BJ Birdy?
Southpaw, Chicago White Sox, September 2009.
Yup, it's 2009, even the mascot is on Twitter.
TC Bear, Minnesota Twins, July 2012.
TC won the pre-game celebrity home run derby in convincing fashion.