Yes, it's another set of challenge sentences, provided by Tor. They're a little toughter than those in Andre & Zack.

The challenge: Use all six sentences, in any order, in a story of any length. It doesn't have to be called "Trondheim," I just used that to give the project a name. If you're up to it, e-mail it to me, and if we like it (hell, probably even if we don't like it), we'll make it available on this site. (Do not send me the story as a file attachment, cuz I won't open it; put the text in the body of your e-mail.)

The first tale of Trondheim has been submitted by Bruce, and the second by Carl.

Be forewarned: the content of these stories is a little more R-rated than most of our other fodder (you can thank the first sentence above for that).

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